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Kiwi Lime Sorbet – Not for Adults

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4>The children will love this Kiwi Lime Sorbet and Greengage Jelly with its green vibrant colours. It just screams ‘YUMMY’.4> No alcohol, just pure fruity flavours. I like the texture and flavour contrasts in this little cup. Anything with lemon and lime is a winner for me. I have used greengage flavoured jelly here but any colour or flavour will do. I guess a bright red jelly will look festive too.

If you’ve never made sorbet before, don’t be intimidated. All it is is simply a semi-frozen blend of fruit juice or purée and a sugar syrup. Sometimes the flavour can be enhanced with liqueurs and herbs like mint. They’re great palate cleansers after a heavy meal – for us adults that is. For the kids, it’s more like a dessert. My kids are grown up and they still like jelly.

The kids deserve a treat just for themselves this Christmas. This is it.
4>Nobody puts this baby in a corner!4>

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2012/12/kiwi-20.jpg” alt=”Kiwi Lime Sorbet Scoop” width=”650” height=”979” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4453″ />

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