Cranberry Festive Cooler
3>This festive season spread some cheer with this Cranberry Strawberry Cooler.3> Full of warm holiday reds and sweet tasting berries, cranberry and strawberry together – a winner. It sometimes gets so hot during this time of the year that honestly, all I want to do is sip on something refreshing all day. Forget the food and cooking…this cooler/punch goes down really well and doesn’t leave you feeling full. What I like about it, apart from it being really cold, is the floating strawberries on the ice – so you take a sip and a bite of strawberry at the same time. Real fruity! You can do so much with fruit. There really isn’t any need to indulge in filling fizzy sodas this holiday.

I also made a cool 1100 degrees Celsius”>2012/11/watermelon_chiller/” title=”Sparkling Watermelon Chiller” target=”_blank”>watermelon chiller that was quite a hit in my home this summer. Give it a try.
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